Thursday, November 18, 2010

Btw legs...

A girl enters the computer room. She walks straight to the free computer beside mine. She sits down. Opens her bag. Takes out a deodorant spray and sprays right in between her legs! She puts the deodorant spray back in her bag. Gets up and walks out.

I look around to see if anybody noticed this event. Nobody has. Except me.

Right in between her legs!


Akin said...

Hello Waffy,

Sometimes it is best to concentrate on your computer screen.

As to what happened, I should restrain myself an reserve comment.


2cute4u said...

I do stuff like that.. But not in public..
It's part of my routine each day, when I'm dressing up..
I love spraying 'everywhere'
That's why I'm called a 'moving boutique'
How are you dear?
Hope you are good?
Praying for you..

Anonymous said...

She's obviously on a mission. And who told you to look in dark places? You should only look where there is light;)

Tisha said...

funny gal

Patrice said...

Either (very) bad aim . . . or was anticipating cybersex.