Saturday, November 13, 2010

This time, I win!

The best thing happened to me yesterday. I had one of my "waffy days". I woke up at 8:30 in a panic! I had over slept. My phone was dead so my alarm did not ring. Luckily, in anticipation for my usual early morning circus, I had laid out my clothes the night before so all I had to do was brush my teeth, put some deodorant on and comb my hair. Anyway, so I do all these, and run like crazy to the bus stop. The bus was going to be there by 8:45. When I get there, there are some French students there. They say that they have been there since 8:25 and the bus that was supposed to come by 8:30 never came. By 8:45, it was apparent that that one will not show up either. They are either on time, or they are not coming. I realise immediately that it might be because of the road. Like I have mentioned numerous times, I live on the top of a small "hill", so when it snows and then rains it gets very slippery and sometimes, the bus drivers refuse to drive up there.The French people decide to start walking under the rain. Going down the "walking path" also sucks. It is wet and slippery and I was not in the mood to get wet. I decided to wait. In my heart, I knew a bus would not come, but I wanted to be stubborn. I was going to be stubborn and the damn bus was gonna come. It had to. As the clock approached 9, I knew it was a lost cause but I had not yet decided what to do, apart from being stubborn. Suddenly, one of those golf car things appeared. You know, those mini cars that the mail men use but this one was being used by the city people for cleaning up etc. The guy driving it had some rakes at the back, leaves, etc. The guy stops his car and says the bus will not come. He was working in the area and kept seeing the bus turning around at the station before mine so he had asked the bus driver what that was all about and the driver said no buses will come up there cos it was too slippery. Mutherfuckers!(but I understand...). Then, the mini golf car man says I can get a ride with him if I want. I was like "YES!!!". I thought he was going to just drop me off at the station where the bus now turns but he drove me all the way to the train station! Words could not explain my exhilaration.

YES! YES! I WIN! FOR ONCE, I WIN!! Does anybody remember the scene in "the mexican" when Brad Pitt jumps up and down saying "this time, I win!"? Anyway, thats exactly how I felt. Too bad, I could not find that particular scene on youtube. Cos that's EXACTLY how I felt.

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Matt said...

I love that scene. I act it out every time I win something. (board games most often)