Thursday, November 4, 2010

We are all prostitutes...

Been having a good old laugh at the madness of the comments concerning Onyeka Onwenu, Toni Payne and the journalist lady. On any given day, a discussion concerning people I do not know, is inconsequential. However, something that tickles my soul is the way people talk about sex in that country.

First of all, for all the religious propaganda, Nigeria oozes of sex. People keep complaining about the "western world", "western values", yet, go to any Nigerian party and see if your eyes don't pop off at the number of women whose bosoms can hardly be contained in their traditional wears. But of course, because its "traditional", their breasts and ass wiggling and bouncing is not "indecent", yet, I dare not wear a miniskirt or leather pants to the same party, lest I be labeled a prostitute!

Turn on the radio and all you hear are men talking about the body parts and shapes of women. Look around you,one wife, two wives, girlfriends, mistresses, house maids, sex, sex, sex. Nollywood, sex. Music, sex. Politicians, sex. Pastors, sex. The Nigerian society reeks of sex. Yet, men still think that the best way to insult a woman is by calling her a prostitute. Now, really? Is this the best you can do? What makes a woman a prostitute in Nigeria? SEX! Nobody really cares if you get paid for it or not, as far as you are having sex somewhere and a male somewhere is pissed off at you, you are automatically a prostitute, even if the person you had sex with was him!

Being called a prostitute by men in Nigeria means absolutely NOTHING! That "insult" has long lost its value. If one was called a prostitute in a country with the best of morals and principles, that would be another matter. But being called a prostitute in a country that is rife with corruption, dirt, hypocrisy and bullshit? Somebody needs to update their dictionary of insults.

But let us get to the other matter. The issue of Nigerian women calling their fellow women all sorts of names, the favorite of course, is the one they have borrowed from their husbands, fathers and brothers, "prostitute". It does not matter what crime you have committed. It is not enough to just say "that woman is rude" and leave it at that. It has to be "that woman is rude...and...she is a prostitute".

I could care less about Toni Payne, Onyeka or the journalist. My main issue is the fact that anybody at all is bothered because a Nigerian man/woman labels one as prostitute. That insult used to be reserved for the virgin girl in 1900 who mistakenly fell in love with the master's son who promised to marry her.

Is there really anybody in Nigeria that will hear that somebody is having sex and think "REALLY?. If such a person exists, then I say to you now, you must be a damn fool.

The normal reaction when you hear somebody calling a woman a prostitute should be, "and so what?". It should not provoke long debates on blogs and newspapers. It should not be a matter that anybody should even be concerned about. We should all know by now, that there is a disgruntled man somewhere, behind it.

If you all don't know, now you know:The insult, formerly known as "prostitute" (ashawo) has lost its value. If you really want to insult somebody, get creative, update your vocabulary, think outside the box.

And if you still insist on calling a woman a prostitute, then do not forget that every woman you know is either one or will soon be one. Including your wife, sister and mother cos some man somewhere, is always mad at her.


Sussan said...

hahahhaha this is so true

Patrice said...

First of all, for all the religious propaganda, Nigeria oozes of sex.

Some 150 million people in Nigeria, that's nearly twice as many as any other African country.

StandTall-The Activist said...

We just like to lie to ourselves, I guess... and the Ashawo thing, that is the favourite word a conduct or a danfo driver use to abuse women while they simply abuse men as 'oko ashawo'. Anyway we look at all these abuses, they r to degrade women. See 'bitch', 'son of a bitch', 'mother fucker'... they are all not cool.

Anoni Moss said...

You have nailed it. Rem acu tetigisti

NoLimit said...

lol!!!Read Onyeka response and seriously I don't know what to say!
@ the prostitute yab....that's the mother of all yab or the commonest yab ever in naija!
Don't know why but people are quick to call people that eg Okada men and Cab drivers! smh.