Monday, November 29, 2010


It all started yesterday night. I came home feeling in top form. I have been on the roll this past week with everything, creatively. I came home, feeling a bit tired. I thought I would have a quick nap. Maybe 30 mins or so. I woke up a couple of hours later freezing. Nothing helped. Just walking to the toilet was pain and it seemed like that was where I was bound to spend the night, either peeing or puking. My neck hurt, my back hurt, my tonsils were swollen, I had high fever, I had a headache. In the end, I cried my self to sleep. I woke up this morning and the circle started all over again. I did not know what to do. By 5 or so, I was begining to hallucinate so I managed to call my neighbour who came in like super woman.

It is 5:05 and most of this night has been spent either freezing or sweating. However, I feel a bit better. I got drinks, fruits and tea from my neighbour and my apartment door is unlocked so she can check on me often. I know she has been here a couple of times but I was so far gone, I couldn't even lift a finger.

The biggest problem now is my throat and my back, and my waist. I am so uncomfortable, I dont know where to turn or how to lie.

Now I am sitting up even if I dont have the energy to but my back feels a bit better in this position.

I hope it all just vanishes tomorrow...


2cute4u said...

I'm so sorry you're ill.
Sorry you're in pain..
I hope you do feel better like ,right now..
I'm glad you have someone checking up on you..
I don't have to worry that much..
Take care and remain blessed.

Patrice said...

I do hope it nothing but the flu, the type that disappears as quickly as it appears.

Get well, soon, and when you are 100% tell about the hallucinations . . .