Monday, November 8, 2010

A thousand and one thoughts...

I have come to notice that I really like it when I come home and my bed is made. Makes me feel human, somehow.

Somebody dropped a letter to someone else in my mail box. I think I am supposed to post it or something. I always forget to do that. Its been there for a while now. But why on earth could the writer not post it herself/himself?. I am also tempted to open it, read it and then post it? My curiosity is killing me but...I don't think I dare.

There's somebody that blogs from this building. The name of her blog is the name of my street and number of my building. It would be interesting to find out who this person is but these days I don't have time.

A young boy opened the door for me today. I was impressed. Such a gentleman!

Any reality series that have people looking for that "special one" is toture to me.

Someone asked if I wanted to have kids today.

I got a piece of apple stuck in my teeth all day. It really irritated me.

I have been quite mellow considering the fact that I feel my house of cards will crash at any moment.

I am calm, cool and collected.

I sent texts to two people I know have been having hard times. People that I met randomly. Here and there. I got no answers.

I paid all my bills today. I really cant eat rice everyday. Which reminds me, I won't mind a cup of hot cocoa.

That "Zephyr" song is in my head again. And Bob Marley. I will listen to both.

I got a bit lost today.

I am going to read.

It's 11:12.


P.S: not really a 1001 thoughts but that just made the title look good.

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2cute4u said...

Glad you're doing good..
I see that your thoughts are random and I am glad..
Love your diverse thoughts, lol.