Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of another day...

I have been super productive today. Now I am going to bed. Its 2:09 am. I feel good. Good night dear bloggers. Love.

For some reason, I remembered this song tonight. I used to have an old Bob Marley tape and the first time I ever lived alone, I used to listen to it all the time. I still remember exactly how that apartment looked like. Time really does fly. Has it been ten years already? Different apartment, different city, different country but same old Bob! We've been through a lot, Bob and I...but still together...

There you are crying again
But your loveliness won't cover your shame
There you are taking true love
While you're taking true love
You're given the blame
How could I be so wrong
To think that we could get along
Days I wasted with you, child
If I count there'll be a million or two
Now I stand alone through the memory that haunts me, that haunts me
And I walk alone through the rhapsody that taunts me, that taunts me

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2cute4u said...

Have a blessed and wonderful night dear..
I'm glad you're good..
Take care..